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Recognition of Service

Submitted by John_Cook on Sun, 07/08/2022 - 11:02pm

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With all the challenges of the past few years we somehow failed to publish acknowledgement of a couple of recently retired committee members
Former secretary Bill Dusting 
    Former Spare Tyre Editor Brian Quintal 
 Both were awarded certificates of appreciation for their service at the 2021 Christmas Function after that damn virus stopped interfering with most of our plans.
Thank you both for your service to the branch 


I had the pleasure of the company of both these gents - if growing old disgracefully is a good thing, here's 2 examples of what it looks like.  Both are examples of what a good Ulyssean looks like and both served Ulysses and the Melb branch with distinction!!  Cheers boys!!



Sailbad The Sinner
(Greg Gleason)