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Submitted by John_Cook on Tue, 14/07/2020 - 10:12pm

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Well, if someone can think of a better time to do some reminiscing - please let me know.
While doing some COVID cleaning etc I came across the very first Riding On magazine sent to me after I joined the club over 27 years ago
The cover was a photo supplied by Peter Thoeming (the Bear) of a Triumph Trophy (at the time Triumph was reemerging) with a baguette on the back during a test ride in France I believe.   Haven't Triumph kicked on since then?
Also is a copy of the page detailing Melbourne Branch's ride calendar for the first quarter of 1993 which has some interesting detail I will comment upon  - apologies for the scan quality

There are some very interesting features.
In those days we left from Bunker Hill, the army hall in Dandenong and Melton!  The only start venue which has not changed is Lilydale surprise
Social nights were at the Post Office Club Hotel in St Kilda!
Noreen and Lionel Miles were very busy organising the National AGM which was held at Shepparton 27 - 28 March 1993.    
I believe my first ever ride with the Club (and branch) was the one to Wilsons Promontory in February 1993.  I do remember going to the Seven Creeks Hotel at Euroa with the late Bob Tate but I'm not sure if it was in March 1993 or later.
Several weekends away were organised.   
Once this pandemic is over such things are still possible and I will point out that many were organised by non committee members.    Communication systems have improved significantly over the past 28 years, but it still comes down to people having ideas and being willing to include others and share. enlightened 





Thanks John - what a great read!!  Some good ideas there as well:

  • An early start ride to the Prom
  • An early start/finish breakfast ride
  • Weekends away in bunkhouse accom

When we defeat Covid19, we should revisit some of these ideas!!




Greg Gleason

During the lockdown lots of things are being tidied and found.
Found a couple of photos of bikes I owned when I was still too young to be a Ulyssean back in the 80s coollaugh
Bought brand new in 1982 
and bought second hand a few years later.  Anyone remember after market fairings?!
Both the 500 and the 650 easily managed Melbourne - Sydney runs two up.  
The gear sack rack and bag did steady service on both the CXs and the the following VF 1000  for over a dozen years before I bought my first ST cool

I can remember when a 500 was a big bike and a 750 was huge!!  These days, most of our rides have a majority of bikes being 1200cc's or larger. My, how times have changed!!



Greg Gleason