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Ride Report 12 Aug 2018

Submitted by Pat Ryan on Sun, 12/08/2018 - 7:43pm

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Ride Report: Lilydale to Mansfield

Date: 12/08/2018

Ride Leader: Pat Ryan (Replacing an ill Steve Bailes)

Tail End Charlie: Les Cox

Reporter: Pat Ryan

Steve had been planning this ride for some time however he elected to go to Bali and returned a couple of days before the ride with a horrible lurgi and was unable to get on his steed much less lead a ride, so Pat took over. The start and finish were in the same places however the middle changed to roads Pat knew well due to the short notice.

In contrast to the wet weather all week before the ride, Sunday dawned cold but dry in Melbourne so twelve of us arrived at Lilydale to head out for a pleasant day’s riding. Cold was good for Pat as he got to try out the heated grips and heated seats on his new Tiger Explorer 1200. Very nice indeed.

From Lilydale it was the usual run out through Yarra Glen and up the Melba to the Break O’Day Road where we all enjoyed a good trip up the damp but near deserted winding road to the Whittlesea – Yea Road. Then it was on to Yea for a nature break and something warm to put in our tummies. Samual Sun left us here as he had family business to attend to.

Back towards Seymour to the Ghin Ghin Road and down this delightful road via Terip Terip, Caveat and Gobur and down the curves as we descended the escarpment for the run towards Yarck. Yarck was not the destination however as Pat had found a road we had seldom if ever used before. This narrow but good bitumen road goes left off the Yarck Road not far after reaching the flat lands and heads over hills and dales through farming land and comes out onto the highway a little way before Merton. Six of our number decided that they did not want to go on to Mansfield and chose to leave the main group at this turnoff to head to Yarck and home from there.

The rest of us enjoyed this deviation although Les was not real keen on the “Skippy” who tried to commit suicide under his wheels! Les was too quick for him however and managed to miss him completely, although how he did not run over his tail he doesn’t know.

After joining the highway it was a pleasant run up through Merton and Bonnie Doon to Mansfield where we enjoyed lunch at the well heated Mansfield  Bakery.

After lunch most of the group were heading to Merton, across the Strathbogies and down to the northern and western suburbs, Rick found a route through Fraser National Park that would bring him out heading to the Black Spur but just maybe he would chance the Acheron Way, and Pat was taking a short run to Jamieson to spend the week at his farm.

All in all a good day out with some wet roads but no rain on a cold but pretty clear day. Thanks to Les for handling the Tail End Charlie role again and to all members who joined us for the day.