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Ride Report: Officer to Meeniyan. 28th Feb 2021

Submitted by MikeF on Sun, 28/02/2021 - 8:32pm

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Date: Sunday 28th February 2021.
The Route: Officer to Yarragon, then Meeniyan
Ride Leader: Alf Denemoser
Tail end Charlie : Steve (South Gippsland)
Report: Mike Fittall

You know it is getting close to autumn when you leave home, it is about 12 deg outside, and you decided to wear your summer jacket ! (for the predicted hot day). So it was a cold ride to the Officer start point, but about 16 other riders also decided this was going to be a good day, including Jack who was 10 minutes early.

Alf led us out on the well travelled route east through Garfield, and then turned north at Bunyip to take us across some delightful rolling Gippsland country through Jindivick, Buln Buln and down to Yarragon – where riders scattered in at least 3 directions !, but all ended up in the centre of town for the morning stop. A good first half ride, although I did hear of mixing up with Harley riders somewhere on the way.

Alf then led us east on the freeway before turning south on an obscure road that even the other South Gippsland members did not know. Once again some excellent roads and scenery, through Childers and Yinnar (look up Google Maps !). Then south through Boolara to Meeniyan where everyone made it for lunch (including Les who tried to go elsewhere en route apparently !). The place was busy and the line at the bakery was long but moving. Lunch was enjoyed by all on the main street. Afterwards riders left at different times to make the most of the ride home.

If you ever wondered why Alf and Renate moved to Korumburra, he has been showing us with his Gippsland rides – very much appreciated by us all. Thanks also to Steve for doing Tail End Charlie duties – although we can’t figure out why the bloke with the fastest bike (Kawasaki, H2 ?) would hang out the back all day !



On Saturday I did some reconnaissance duty in the car and on Sunday I was in Sale enjoying family birthday activities.  Now, Meeniyan is on the South Gippsland Hwy.  In my defence I was also on the South Gippsland Hwy a bit further east and apparently I was on the wrong bike.
This is actually under the highway

And this is on the "old" South Gippsland Hwy.