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Ride Report : Officer to Phillip Island

Submitted by MikeF on Mon, 26/04/2021 - 3:36pm

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Sunday 25th April 2021

Leader : Andrew Kennedy
Tail End Charlie : Sam Sun
Other Riders : Mike, Jack, Carl and Dora, Dennis, Nick, George

A quick check of the weather radar before leaving home showed a mostly clear map, except for Phillip Island ! Nevertheless 8 riders pulled up, including Dennis who arrived 10 minutes late – no time for a smoke !, and he nearly got the TEC vest. We welcomed George for his first ride with us, after being talked into it by cousin Nick (good work).

We rode out carefully on wet roads through Koo Wee Rup and Poowong, then followed the ridge road into Korumbura, arriving just as the drizzle started. Hot pies and sausage rolls were popular in the bakery, to give some warmth after 14-15C on the road.

Some blue sky was showing as we rode out through Bena (another piece of road now 80 km/hr !) and Dalyston, onto Phillip Island (two new roundabouts noted) and lunch at Cowes. We spent a very pleasant half-hour in the sun outside the bakery. A tourist trip out to The Knobbies added to the day out, as well as avoiding the wandering geese and one dopey rabbit ! Andrew led us out past the race track and onto the road home, where we split up along the way.

(I had the interesting experience on Eastlink after pulling in for a coffee stop, as two unmarked police vehicles also pulled up – a VW Passat wagon, and an M series BMW wagon !).

Mike Fittall



Just being cheeky wink
Yesterday, we had a sunny ride from Hobart to Devonport and I've promised not to mention electrical glitches.  In Tassie, they still using unmarked Subarus (I encountered one while refuelling at Huonville) enlightened