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Ride Report Sunday 24th July 2022

Submitted by MikeF on Mon, 25/07/2022 - 10:20am

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Ride leader: Steve Bailes
Andrew, Cliffy, Colin, Dave, Dinesh, Greg, Garret, Julian, Jal, Kal, Kir, Les, Mike, Sam, Vince and Steve

 Ardeer, to Ballan and Trentham

Although the weather forecast had been for a dry sunny day it had in fact rained overnight leaving the road quite damp in places. However, what a pleasant surprise it was to welcome both the sun and so many to the ride today and to welcome new member Dinesh Sachdeva to the Club.
Setting off from Ardeer in what we all hoped would be the start of a sunny day, and indeed it was until after morning tea.
Unfortunately, Greg Gleeson had a breakdown when his diff seized fast, this happened at speed causing what could easily have been a very serious accident but luckily he managed to keep control and bring it to a stop, albeit in the middle of the road!!  Thinking that all he needed was to push to the side the guys following continued on to catch up with the others.  However, with the diff seized and unable to move it, Greg solicited the help of some passing motorists who gave him a hand to lift/drag the bike to the side of the road.  Somewhat later the recovery truck arrived and was manhandled onto the truck.  Fortunately, the bike is undamaged, however, Greg sustained a “touch of whiplash” but considering what could have been the outcome he was extremely fortunate!
The breakdown caused the group to be split up with the leading group continuing along the planned route and the remainder due to a corner marking error heading for an early morning tea at Ballan, where we all eventually met up. As we headed for Trentham via Daylesford for lunch, we could see ominously dark rain clouds threatening and with them, they brought much colder weather.  The level of cold was clearly evident on arrival with many of the guys disappearing into the pub and a warm open fire!  After lunch, the group broke up heading home in various directions and no doubt to warm themselves up at home in front of a fire with a hot cuppa or more likely a refreshing coldie!

Steve Bailes