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Roger's Gorgeous Gorges Ride 17 September 2023

Submitted by John_Cook on Mon, 18/09/2023 - 12:03pm

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Over a dozen of us assembled at Ardeer in beautiful spring weather to enjoy the day and Roger’s ride to Gisborne.   
We also came on a great variety of bikes.
Our branch president Brian did TEC duty.  We rode off
around the ring road before joining the Calder Hwy and turning off opposite the Thunderdome and heading off into parts unknown to me and Roger showed us some lovely gorges while we also saw large jets both leaving and arriving at Tullamarine. 
It was really interesting riding and scenery. 
I sort of  wished I could have stopped more frequently to capture more photos of some of the great scenery as it is hard to describe. 
We enjoyed cuppa break in busy Woodend,
where there was a market and lots of other motorcyclists out too.  We then rode past Hanging Rock and Mount Macedon
and Roger kept me geographically challenged on a great variety of roads until we arrived at Gisborne for lunch.
After lunch, Roger then showed some of us more back roads before we joined the Hwy and headed off home in assorted directions.  I didn’t do a km count but with my trip from the opposite side of Melbourne to Ardeer and then home again via a little detour the Honda had done over 400 km since I filled up on Thursday.
Many thanks to all who came along to make it such a good day and particularly to Roger for coming up with that route and leading the ride.   

More photos here