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San Remo Ride 21 January 2024

Submitted by John_Cook on Sun, 21/01/2024 - 6:20pm

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Twenty people took part in the Branch Ride today and apart from the odd bit of drizzle, the weather remained kind.
Stewart's and Andrew's bikes provide quite a contrast 
Once all the disgraceful conversations
were finished, 18 of us rode out of Lilydale with Jeff doing TEC duty again and we regrouped once we’d negotiated the lights to get onto the Warburton Hwy.   We turned north, used back roads via Gruyere and rejoined the highway at Seville East.  At Woori Yallock we turned south for a short distance and then used more back roads to cut across to Hoddles Creek.  We then rode the lovely bends past Kurth Kiln Park and on to Pakenham via Gembrook.  We then rode the old road through Nar Nar Goon and on to Garfield,
where were greeted by Barry and John and stopped for a break and refreshment after riding about 100 km. 
Then we rode south through open farm land via Catani and then east into some hills around Athlone and on to Loch via Poowong.  We then enjoyed more of the many delightful combinations of hills and roads available in South Gippsland on our way to Dalyston.  We then followed the coast to San Remo where we stopped for a chat and lunch by the water. 
Libby (with Heidi) came across from Phillip Island to catch up with us and have a chat.
Many thanks to all who came along and made it a great day out riding.
It is easier to park bikes than cars in busty spots 
Half a dozen of us turned off at Bass on the way home and rode the ridges overlooking Western Port Bay before rejoining the highway at The Gurdies.   From Officer, some of us continued back up into the hills (Dandenongs) on our way home.
      I did just on 350 km for the day.