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Seymour Ride 23 April 2023

Submitted by John_Cook on Thu, 27/04/2023 - 4:00pm

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Don’t you just love those days when everything goes to plan?
Well Sunday’s ride just wasn’t one of those days! 
Despite that, I thoroughly enjoyed it and I hope most others did too.
After two abysmal weather Sundays, about 2 dozen of us decided to get out and enjoy the weather for the ride from Lilydale to Seymour. 
I had done reconnaissance twice, so of course no route errors could possibly occur could they?!  Well, they sort of didn’t, but somehow the group split in two and ended up using different routes to Kinglake West – our planned morning cuppa stop.   Thankfully modern communications helped us sort it once the hiccup occurred.

It was good to be joined by Steve on his Kwaka Sports bike and young Brett on his huge K1600 B.   Our Prez Brian happily took on TEC duty.  Once briefings were done, introductions made and bikes examined etc we rode off very shortly after 10.00am and immediately left the highway checked out the old theatre in Lilydale, passed the airfield and stopped and regrouped in Yarra Glen
before heading into the hills.
The ride to St Andrews was great and very little traffic. Great scenery and enjoyable roads.
 Then the glitch occurred!    blush  We managed to breakup into two groups! 
As a result of two previous “recces” I knew I had to turn right at School Road but had not actually done so previously.  
Once all sorted, we regrouped at Kinglake West - our planned rest break
(Regrouped at Kinglake West) 
The ride went to plan to Seymour and we lunched by the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Walk.

(lunch being enjoyed in Seymour) 
My personal plans also changed during the week and I had to cancel my original plan to lead the ride back to Yea via Highlands and  I bid farewell to the group and rode on solo to Bonnie Doon where I caught up with Kris and friends.

I believe Andrew took over after lunch and led many back to Yea via the "hills".
Many thanks to all who came along.  I feel I can use a lot of that route again as half the group didn’t get to ride it.  wink

Despite things not going to plan , we all made it to Seymour and enjoyed some genial camaraderie over lunch which included some comments about nasty pot holes between Broadford and Seymour and some banter about my ability to split the group in two.  blush 
 More photos have been added here:              


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