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A Short Ride, Report. Sunday 5th July 2020

Submitted by MikeF on Sun, 05/07/2020 - 2:11pm

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Bad Omen : The original ride leader (nameless but initials AK) bailed on Saturday, on account of the weather forecast (and was proved mostly right).
The Weather : Rubbish - some blue sky when leaving home, grey and drizzle in Lilydale and onwards.
Planned Route : Lilydale to Noojee, to Walhalla.
Non Starter : Steve Bailes, who mysteriously received a phone call at 10am to say the grand kids were visiting.
Leader : Mike Fittall
TEC : Vince Green
The Actual Route : Lilydale, through Christmas Hills and Nutfield, stopping at Vince's for coffee (thanks). And that was not via Yea as Vince thought it was going to be !
Summary : An okay short 120kms ride, good opportunity to brush-up wet weather skills. Thanks to Steve and Vince for turning up.


In fairness, I achieved a bit:

  • Chain maintenance (XR),
  • Beard trim,
  • House vacuuming,
  • Next 4 rides in the GPS,
  • Washed bikes,
  • Bought new Go Pro battery,
  • 2 major dog walks,
  • Tyre pressures,
  • New work trousers,
  • Got my water feature going again, and (most importantly)
  • Smart enough to know when not to ride.

The FZR is currently at George's place, so no progress made there, but how many oil leaks can one bike have?  (Answer - lots.......)  Oh well, lousy weekends are what they are.......



Greg Gleason