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Travel Insurance for Riding in Vietnam

Submitted by Peter Heffernan on Wed, 01/01/2020 - 6:59pm

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After doing many hours research I have come to the conclusion that the only way to be covered for riding in Vietnam is to obtain a work visa. The policies I have looked  at say providing you have a full Australian licence you are covered, providing you are not doing anything illegal. I have read that riding without a local licence in Vietnam is illegal. Also, the Vietnamese don't recognise international licences granted to Australians, Canadians, and people from the UK and USA because our countries didn't sign a treaty in 1968. If you are going on a tourist visa then how can you get a local licence?
A company called Vietnam Motorcycle Tours say they can get a temporary licence with a 3 month tourist visa and they can do this because they have a special arrangement. Is this legit?
Would appreciate any help on this subject.
Peter Heffernan


Hello Peter,
Welcome to the Melbourne Branch website.

  1. I did also reply to your question on the Branch Facebook Site.  I had the good fortune to enjoy riding there just over 10 years ago - in view of what I have read since I was lucky.   
  2. You are very wise to check things very thoroughly as you don't want to be the one who finds out through bitter experience we should not be going there and riding motor bikes!
  3. Have you tried / checked the clauses with World Nomads Insurance  as recommended by Horizons Unlimited? 
  4. You may need to speak to an underwriter directly as to the definition of what they mean by doing anything illegal.   I mean if yhey say you're covered in Vietnam on an appropriate Australian Licence and take your money /premium and they knoew you're going to Vietnam to ride tey should cover you.  But like you, I'd want that in writing before I book the trip
  5. Personally I believe the whole work visa thing is BS.
  6. What does The Club International Liaison Guy say?
  7.  If you browse through the "garage" in here you may find more info?

Good Luck investigating