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VSK Family Day rides assistance - bikes and riders wanted

Submitted by Not the Messiah on Wed, 06/03/2019 - 10:46am

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Branch members may recall that we had decided to abandon our assistance at VSK's Family Day due to a combination of practical and regulatory issues. The good news is that VSK have persisted with the issues and have a solution which lets us offer assistance again.
So Libby Bakewell and I are looking for a handful of bikes and riders to help out with rides for the kids and parents at VSK's Family Day. This is at Woodend and is on Saturday 23rd March (just a few weeks away as I write this) from 10.30am to 2.30pm - that's the same day as the branch Autumn Alpine Run, so if you're on the Alpine Run this won't suit you.
We're planning on two separate ride types: A short road loop on bitumen, and a few laps of an open grassy paddock.
Both rides will require a bike with a pillion seat and footrests, and a rider with a full licence (ie able to carry a pillion).
Riders having a Working with Children card is preferred, BUT is not essential.

We are being assisted in this by the 3 wheelers and the Japanese Vintage M/C clubs. 
If you can help out for the four hours on Sat 23rd, please call Libby or Brian (0439 010 873) so that we can count up the bikes and riders.

Brian L
0439 010 873