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Wall to Wall Ride 2022

Submitted by John_Cook on Thu, 22/09/2022 - 4:10pm

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Last weekend I joined the Wall to Wall Ride -Remembering police who have fallen in the line of duty.  I attended the morning service at the Police Memorial in St Kilda Road, Melbourne
Police Memorial - Victoria  
Shrine Guard took part in the ceremony 
Walker Fountain near the Police Memorial 
on Friday 16 September and then the service in Canberra on Saturday afternoon.  It was a moving experience.
The large group ride (about 400 bikes)
from Melbourne through Gippsland was made more challenging by strong side winds.
I broke off from the main group near Yallourn and rode across the "roof of Australia"
road elevation here about 1100 metres
which was quite spectacular and again wintry winds added to the challenge on my way to Canberra, where I met up with my son,
who had escorted some attendees from South Australia to Canberra via the Barry Way on adventure bikes.  We dined at a local club with some of the South Australian contingent that night.
There were over 2000 bikes
in the massed ride to the Memorial in Canberra which included a circuit around Parliament House to the spectacularly set Memorial site.
National Police Memorial in Canberra and gathering for the service 

My plans for the ride home didn't work as it seems football fans had booked all the accommodation on the Hume Hwy in NSW as I discovered while talking to a publican (over dinner) after finding many full motels etc.   
I gave up when I got to the border and realised that I was only a few hours from home and simply rode home down the Hume in the dark.  Apart from getting caught out by a bad rain thunderstorm shortly after dusk without full wet weather riding gear on (which led to an interesting dance at a rest stop in the dark), it was actually a very good run down the freeway and I made great time.  Water / road spray from B doubles did add to the challenge a bit.  I did a bit over 1500 km in the two days, the bike behaved perfectly and thanks to a very good night’s sleep on Friday I still felt reasonably fresh when I got home.