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Werribee Sth to Ballan 20th November

Submitted by rogerfoot1 on Mon, 07/11/2022 - 6:52pm

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My plan is to have morning tea at Bunjil's Lookout, Maude (near Bannockburn) which offers a great view of the surrounding countryside. There are toilets and a shelter, but it will be necessary for people to bring their own morning tea. I reviewed the road to morning tea today and was pleasantly surprised at the shape it is in given the widespread problem with surface damage elsewhere.                                                                                                              I will have a look at the second part of my planned route next week:  I suspect the road, which has always been a bit rough, may not be so good, and if that is the case I will change the route and possibly also the endpoint, so please WATCH THIS SPACE for updates.


The ride will finish at Ballan as planned.

Brian Lacey, Mike Fittall and Big Dave joined me for my second attempt at this run, a 100% improvement on last time when only Mike turned up in wintry weather. He suggested rescheduling to the warmer months! In the event we encountered potholes, water over the road in many places, and tempest, but not so much of any to spoil the ride, and we arrived back in Melbourne in mild conditions and sunshine. If I can get 8 next time I'll write a full report!