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Wonthaggi Ride 3 February and meet South Gippsland Members

Submitted by John_Cook on Tue, 05/02/2019 - 12:11pm

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One of the many things I love about the Ulysses Club is the wonderful variety of people I have met over the years.  They also ride a wonderful variety of bikes.
I must admit that in view of the accurate weather forecast (it reached 40 degrees), I do wonder about the sanity of our members at times!  surprise wink
Nine such disgraceful people arrived at Officer to enjoy Greg's ride to Wonthaggi and I was one of them.  More foolish South Gippsland members met us at Korumburra. 
As is normal on Melbourne Branch rides, we generally also get an amazing and lovely variety of bikessmiley Our leader was on his Thruxton today and his son was on the Hayabusa.  Also seen at the start point were an Aprilia (RSV), BMW GS, Ducati Monster, Honda Deauville and ST 1300, Kawasaki W 800 and a Yamaha Fazer.   The "Gippy" crew contribution to variety included a "new" old club plated Gold Wing, a Kawasaki ZZR and another ST1300. cool
On arrival at Officer, I initially thought I was late (I almost was) or had the wrong venue but happily I found them all sensibly hiding in the shade behind a building.   Greetings were exchanged and we got going with Dennis doing TEC duty.  We headed north and did a loop along the lovely winding section of Officer Road, where I failed photography blush angry  despite my plans.  I did get some nice photos of blank roads, disappearing back wheels and distorted bikes though blush.  Damncrying !!  We looped back around to Pakenham, rode back roads to Drouin and south towards Poowong, where Greg had a geographical dispute with his GPS.  This enabled me to sneak past and finally get a photo or two before we arrived at Korumburra, met with the South Gippsland Ulysseans, enjoyed a leisurely break and exchanged some disgraceful lies. 

We then followed the simple but lovely road down to Wonthaggi.  Some speed limits have been reduced down that way but the combination of road and scenery are still simply stunning.   I hadn't actually ridden the direct route from Kongwak to Wonthaggi for quite a long time and really enjoyed it.
Here is a photo of Dennis at Kongwak

The crew disappeared into the Wonthaggi Workmen's Club for lunch and I bid them farewell as I had a busy afternoon plus visitors scheduled.   It was a lovely day's riding despite some severe heat.  I must admit to taking a diversion on my way home and enjoying the hills north of Archies Creek.  I couldn't help but notice the smell of the bush fires around Grantville and also the wonderful work still being done by CFA volunteers who were still out there protecting their communityyes  while I was simply out enjoying myself.   
Finally, thank you Greg yes  for leading and planning the ride and to all who participated and created another great day of Ulyssean camaraderie cool.   I thoroughly enjoyed it. smiley
John Cook
Link to ride photos followS:


Thanks John C for ride report and photos!!  I learned a valuable lesson.... Always trust your GPS!!!  However, if you lead a ride from point a to point c and you want to have morning tea at point b, you MUST put point b in as a waypoint!! If you don't, your GPS will bypass it.....



Greg Gleason

I (the infamous regular loser of entire ride groups blush ) stick to that description  cheeky devil
I seem to recall arriving at T  intersection with a Thruxton mounted ride leader indecisively stationary and looking at both alternative routes which I contend equals geographically challenged cheeky
As to always trusting a GPS - Never. 
I have strong memories of standing beside a road in Steeles Creek, a driver stopping and asking me for advice about his proposed route and I told him not to go that way as the road did not go through.  He ignored my advice, eventually reached a farm gate turned around and very sheepishly came back past me 20 minutes later and told me the road did not go through.  "Really?" I politely replied.    
Always trust local knowledge and just use the GPS as a guide is my motto. cheekycheeky