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Woori Yallock Ride 28 January 2024

Submitted by John_Cook on Tue, 30/01/2024 - 9:10pm

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Despite many being away up by the border for the long weekend, 
about a dozen of us gathered at Epping
for a ride around the north and east of Melbourne.
The navigator (me) had a few issues finding our way out of the new start point and that was exacerbated by faulty traffic lights and lots and lots of roadworks/ development.
Photo courtesy of Greg @ "Sailbad"
We eventually found Donnybrook Road, turned east and then enjoyed the roads and scenery via Nutfield and Chiselhurst and had a brief stop at Steels Creek
before a cuppa break at Yarra Glen
where we exchanged greetings with another group of riders as they were leaving the bakery.
Then we rode across to Healesville and used assorted back roads as far as Hoddles Creek before looping back to Woori Yallock for a chat and lunch to the bakery.

Many thanks to all who came along and special mention to Ian Taylor for doing TEC duty.

The weather was pretty good too without being sweltering.  Pretty much perfect for  a summer day's ride actually cool

Rumour has it more photos may be loaded