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John Cook's Alpine Tour 2018

Submitted by Greg G on Wed, 28/03/2018 - 8:55am

Pics to follow but.......

A few videos from the Ulysses Melbourne Alpine Tour - possibly better named the Alpine Swim!! Despite serious rain, it was a lot of fun for Peter Gleason and I. On the whole, my wet weather gear did a fairly good job!! Must have grown webbed feet in the rain when I was riding in France last year. One of these in particular shows the Ulysses "corner marking" system, and the uncertainty of people marking corners when Tail End Charlie isn't who you think he is!!!

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Greg G's Ride 11 03 18 - Dandenong to Pakenham via the Yarra Valley & Kirth Kiln

Submitted by Greg G on Sun, 11/03/2018 - 3:43pm

Ride report follows -

Ulysses Club – Melbourne Branch

Ride Report

Greg G’s Ride 11 03 18 – Dandenong to Pakenham via the Yarra Valley & Kirth Kiln


17 riders gathered at the Dandenong departure point for a somewhat short but very scenic ride.  Jack and Sam pulled out at Woori Yallock, John had intended to, but changed his mind and saw out the ride, and Andrew only “joined” the ride at the Pakenham lunch stop.

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Saturday One Off For Those Not Coming Sunday

Submitted by Greg G on Wed, 07/03/2018 - 10:30am

Hi Everyone

I am leading a ride on Sunday that is an extensive rework of one I led last year through Upper Beacy, Cockatoo, Yarra Valley, Kirth Kiln and Gembrook to Pakenham.  I have made a few significant improvements (hopefully?) and need to test ride it on Saturday.  Happy to do so alone, but if there's any members that can't make it Sunday but are free Saturday, consider yourself invited!!  Give me a call or text me on 0424956078 - planning on leaving Dandenong mid morning.  Distance is about 150km in total, plus the ride home.

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