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Update on Member Injured during Odyssey Ride

Submitted by John_Cook on Mon, 16/10/2017 - 11:42am

As many of you may know, David Voight, a member from Kirwans Bridge, was injured when he ran off the road near Merton while taking part in the ride during the Odyssey on Saturday.

He is 78 years of age and was flown to the Alfred.

He is still in intensive care and the hospital will not provide updates.

His daughter rang me today and asked that I pass the family's gratitude to all who assisted at the scene (including a very helpful passing motorist) and the follow up efforts made by members.  This was enhanced by the fact that one of the staff at Nagambie Lakes knew David personally and put us in touch with the local CFA (of which David is a member). 

I will quote David's daughter, Suzette;

"He is doing very well considering.  We are happy that he was doing what he enjoyed and that no-one else was involved or injured."   

I received this update from David's daughter yesterday afternoon.

"He is still in ICU and is hanging in there.  With 12 broken ribs they are still trying to manange the pain and balance that against the necessity of getting his lungs working properly.   Deep breaths are obviously very hard for him.  But he's responsive and I've had a chat with him which is great.  .... I will pass on your good wishes" 

Hi John, Thank you for the update, good to read that David is doing OK. We can only hope he continues to recover and gets back to full health. Cheers Alf & Renate


I contacted David’s daughter today and I will quote her response verbatim:

“Hi John, he’s not so good at the moment.  Still in ICU, so no visitors yet.  They’re doing more scans today, I expect to know a bit more after I see the Doctors tomorrow.

Will be in touch when I know more.  The good news is that his lungs have healed themselves very well.” 

I received more news from David's daughter yesterday.  In summary;

David has moved out of ICU into a ward but is still not up to visitors.   He’s been through the most critical period and is now doing well, but there are still hurdles to overcome.   Thank you all for concern and support.

I have received some more good news from David's daughter;

""Dad’s doing well thanks! ...another procedure in the next couple of days ..... and all things going well they are talking about moving him to a rehab hospital in a week or so. He’ll have a bit of work to do to get his fitness back, but does seem on the road to recovery. Thanks for your continued interest. 


Hopefully I will hear soon regarding when he may be up to having visitors 

More from David's daughter today

David's brearthing is continuing to improve after the procedure last week.   He had another unrelated procedure today and is not up to receiving visitors yet.  

We wish him well with his continuing recovery 

I received another update from David's daughter today,   In summary;

The second procedure also went well and in general progress is good. David is still not up to having visitors and waiting to transfer to rehab ward this week. 

I will do a partial quote, "Thank you to you all for your enquiries and cards. I’ve read them all to Dad multiple times....

Best wishes for his continued recovery

I received another update from David's daughter today. In summary - All is good, but progress is slow. 

David has now moved to a rehabilitation unit and making progress but is still not up to having visitors.

Best wishes to both David and his family.  It has been a long process.  

I have added more details in the members section of the forum.

I visited David today.  He is very much improved and hopes to go home soon.  For more personal information log in and go to members' forum  

I received a message today from David's daughter advsing that he is going home on

That is great news smiley

Rumour has it that there may be some extra activity at the Kirwans Bridge CFA on Sunday wink