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Kalkallo to Malmsbury

Submitted by MikeF on Wed, 07/04/2021 - 8:51pm

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Sunday, April 18, 2021 - 10:00am

Roger will take us on some of his favourite roads up north and round about.
Morning coffee stop in Woodend, before going on to Malmsbury for lunch.

Ride Leader : Roger Foot
                          0409 231 676


The best time of year for a ride in the Macedon Ranges, and the weather forecast is favourable. The ride will be relatively short, only 1 hour for each leg. However please be aware that there is currently no fuel available at our morning tea stop in Woodend as the petrol station is being rebuilt.

Rumours that the Kalkallo start point is not popular and could be dropped were quashed by a strong turnout of 15 bikes for today's ride to Malmsbury in fine autumn weather. And with a bit of trading at Woodend we lost three and gained three!
Starters were Ian Monk (TEC), Brian Lacey, Gary and Wendy two up, Vince Green, Terry, Seamus and Denis, Les Cox and John Markham, Reece on 3 wheels, Jack Fei, John Francis, Ian Traeger (Rocket 3), and we were joined for the first time by Glenn Cottier of the Whittlesea Branch (Kawasaki 1400 GTR). We headed west on Donnybrook Rd then Bardwell Dve, then south on Konagaderra Rd before turning right at  Somerton Rd to join Wildwood Rd  --- sadly all this now posted at 80kpm. We were able to pick up the pace a bit on the straighter sections before joining the Lancefield Rd at Clarkefield for the run to Bolinda where we turned left at Mullalys Rd and on to Mount Eliza Rd. This took us over the range to Kerrie Valley Rd and then Romsey Rd to Woodend. We had a lengthy morning tea stop at the busy bakery where John Francis and Vince Green elected to call it a day, but we were joined by Andrew Kennedy, Gary Clifton and Greg Gleason. Unfortunately Ian Traeger missed the departure and was subsequently unable to locate the group, but later confirmed he had made it home safely. We took Ashbourne Rd and Pearsons Rd before turning for Tylden at James Lane, then Springhill Rd to the Daylesford Malmsbury Rd. A diversion along the Lauriston Rd took us into Kyneton and after crossing the freeway we doubled back to Malmsbury on the Metcalfe Rd. A Farmers Market was in progress (I didn't know they had one !) so the parking area outside the public toilets was closed and there was a queue out the door of the bakery! But all in all a good dry autumn ride just lacking a little sunshine!