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Visit to Moto Guzzi Cathedral, Yea, 28/07/2023.

Submitted by ANDREW.KENNEDY on Mon, 31/07/2023 - 2:37pm

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           Seven of our members and four Yarra Ranges members met in Yea. Not all were going to the Guzzi visit. Pat was out for a ride then quickly off for the football. Gary and Vince were both a little hobbled due to feet problems and were there for the ride and social meetup on a fine sunny day. Ian from Yarra Ranges, had some of his members there to help our visit look respectable. Thanks Ian. The venue in a farm setting, is 10km along the Melba Hwy, Melbourne direction, then turning right, into Ti Tree Creek Rd, is 6km along an unsealed road. This dirt road looked fine, flat, dry and a lot safer than the damage along the Melba which is dangerous in places. I immediately took off on it enjoying its smoothness and we soon arrived to be met at the farm by five large friendly dogs. To me this was a bonus even before seeing the bikes, also for a Yarra Ranges member and his partner as his own dog had died recently.
          Teo Lamers , who runs the facility,  met us and showed us in with us removing boots to protect the carpeted floor. Moto Guzzis of all ages were on view on three levels of the building. The oldest going back to 1921. Your first impression was : How did they manage to get so many and so much variety of motorcycles. It is amazing. We were told that there were almost as many bikes still in the workshop. As well having machines on display they also have some bikes for sale if you are looking for a particular Guzzi. The collection is only a recent happening demonstrating what desire and determination can do. 
         Each year at the weekend that falls nearest to 15 March they hold a Moto Guzzi Anniversary weekend.  Camping, all food and some entertainment are provided. Cost was mentioned at about $120 which with all included seems okay. Something to consider for the future.
        We spent an enjoyable couple of hours there viewing machines large and small, very old to recent, some farm type motorcycle/trike combos and sidecar outfits. Would I do it again - definitely.