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2011 President's Report 06 June

Submitted by John_Cook on Sun, 03/07/2011 - 8:11pm

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President’s Report June 2011

Rides and participation

I have regularly stated I believe that one of the primary strengths of the Melbourne branch is the fact that we hold regular and very interesting rides from a variety of starting points and which are open to all Ulysses members irrespective of branch affiliation.   I wish to thank our ride coordinator, Holly for all the effort she has put into filling the ride calendar for this year.  I would also like to thank all the people who have accepted the challenge and volunteered to lead rides over the coming months.  We had to delay circulation of the June edition of the “Spare Tyre” magazine to fill the ride calendar and thanks to the efforts of many it has now gone out with a very full calendar.  In the mean time, thank you to all those who have led rides and all those who took on Tail End Charlie Duties.

The Ice Run was again run successfully in May with a total of 28 participants.  Next year will be the 15th Annual Ice Run. 

Safety Comment re corner marking

Discussion followed a couple of recent incidents where corner markers for right hand turns were either placed or chose to stop directly opposite the right turn and that can be very dangerous.   For example, if a motorist was to veer left to avoid a right turning car or bike, it would be very easy for a stationary corner marker to get struck by a car avoiding a right turner.  Ride leaders and participants should pick a safe location well before a right turn to give people fair warning of an intended right turn in the interests of safety.  Do not stop in intersections and endanger yourselves or add to the hazards.   

Social and Future Events

The branch was well represented at the National AGM in Newcastle and thank you Bill Dusting for sharing the event with us by posting the photos of the event.

Both Saturday morning venues continue to provide camaraderie opportunities for members as does the Tower Hotel for the monthly Friday social night.  On Friday, 20 May some National Committee members visited us and a good night was had by all.

The Odyssey at Mansfield will be on again this year over the Cup weekend and prices will be the same as last year.   Last year was actually the first time Kris and I could make it and we thoroughly enjoyed it.  We will be back.   If you do intend to come, please register early.  The registration form is prominently available on the web site and full details are available via John Taylor or me.

Planning is also well under way for the VSK day and the Christmas function.  

I would also like to remind members of our sponsors who fund the circulation of The Spare Tyre and the cost of running the website.  These sponsors greatly assist the finances of the branch and I do encourage you to consider them when it comes to bikes, servicing, clothing and even travel.

The sponsors are Bike Mart, Jeffrey Motorcycles, Metro Motorcycles, Saffron Road Motorcycle Tours, South East Motorcycles plus Treads and Things.      


Our website administrator Kate has had to build a completely new website from scratch.  It has now been on line for 12 months and about 150 members are now registered users.   The site is still being developed to accommodate the needs of members and new features are being constantly added.  I am aware that some members have had had issues with registration and adapting, but we are working through those things.  Security of the site has been greatly enhanced and whilst the benefits of that may not be immediately obvious, it does have many benefits.  Committee members are now subject to much less spam and hacking attacks and those benefits also flow on to members who use the site.  Thank you Kate and keep up the good work.      

Spare Tyre

Alf is doing an invaluable in preparing and circulating the Spare Tyre and providing information to members so that they can enjoy the things that inspired them to join this great club.  The June edition was held back a bit as we saw no point in circulating the magazine without a meaningful ride calendar and then got out quickly once the calendar was filled.

Remember both Kate and Alf are volunteers doing a great job so that you, the members, can get the maximum benefit out of your club.   Thank you both.

Finally, I would like to say, “When riding, practise road craft, courtesy and consideration for others so that we can continue to enjoy our motorcycling safely.”


John Cook