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Andy Strapz - News from our Sponsor

Submitted by John_Cook on Fri, 31/05/2013 - 6:13pm

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Our website sponsor Andy Strapz has a great variety of interesting gear for motorcyclists.    Andy’s products featured in the May Riding On Magazine.


Andy now offers a variety of “Forma” brand boots which received an excellent review and has announced a price reduction on the entire range of Forma boots.  Something to consider for keeping those feet warm, safe and comfortable in the coming winter riding months.

On the recent Ice Run one of our members lamented the loss of one his excellent “Andy Strapz” over gloves during the ride.   The subsequent conversations led to confirmation that they really are an excellent product for riding on wet winter days.  Another great and timely product to consider for this coming season.

Also available are his namesake “Strapz” which are an excellent way (and much better than “occy straps”) to properly secure luggage to your bike.  If you don’t think this is important check with a certain “Natcom” member who was formerly on the branch committee and who ended up in hospital after gear on his bike came loose.

There is a link on this website to Andy’s website.   Have a look at his great range of useful products.