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The Clive Sadleir Award

Clive Sadleir joined the Ulysses club in 1987 with a membership number of 1169 and was an active member of the Melbourne Branch until his untimely death in 2000. His first bike was a 250cc Triumph and this was followed by several BMW K series. He enjoyed his riding and was always amongst the fast ones. His red leather jacket was very distinctive with the words 'Born 1921, Not Dead Yet'? emblazoned on the back.

Clive was a retired bank manager and had a number of interests and hobbies including his motorbike riding, push bikes, wind surfing and woodwork. He was a member of the Rotary Club of Berwick and amongst other activities he an his wife Joan were very involved in the reclamation of an old Quarry in Berwick, which has now become a very attractive Botanic Garden with many walking trails and floral displays.

Clive attended all our rallies in the early days, but always preferred hard accommodation: rather than camping.

In 1995 Clive fashioned a wooden map of Australia to be used as a perpetual trophy by the Melbourne Branch of the Ulysses Club and to be known as 'The Presidents Trophy'?. This was to be presented to a member whom the President thought made an outstanding contribution to the branch in the past year and who was not a committee member.

The names of club members and year they received the award are as follows:

Year Name of Recipient Awarded By
1995 Carmel Dunlap Bob Tate
1996 Patricia Lear (Raffles) Ron Weste
1997 Barbara Maggs & Tony Jenner Ron Weste
1998 Bruce Barnett (Barney) Bill Russell
1999 Bob Tate Steve Donaldson
2000 Anita Wallis Ron Blomley
2001 Anne Jackson & Peter Philferan (Fr. Peter) Ron Blomley
2002 Maurice Thirkel Bill Elliott
2003 Maurice Thirkel Bill Elliott
2004 Sofia Dempsey Bill Elliott
2005 Bob Munro Peter McMullan
2006 Josette Keating Deborah Jasper
2007 Bob Harris Deborah Jasper
2008 Ron Blomley Deborah Jasper
2009 Margaret Taylor Hank Tigges
2010 Raymond Herd Hank Tigges
2011 Kate Clarke John Cook
2012 Andrew Kennedy John Cook
2013 Bill Dusting John Cook
2014 Julie Rock John Cook
2015 Suzanne Clarke Greg Rees
2016  Libby Bakewell Greg Rees
2017 Kris Cook Greg Rees
2018 Brian Quintal Greg Rees
2019 Margaret Taylor Brian Lacey

Note: Thanks to former President the late Bob Tate for his help and assistance in compiling this page.