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Club Permits now available Victorian Ulysses Club Members

Submitted by John_Cook on Mon, 03/12/2012 - 4:15pm

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Club Permit Scheme Information      -   Read to the End  Things and personnel change 

First let me thank Geoff Wiliams (who was the Ulysses Club liaison person with Vic Roads for this scheme) for the years of work he has put into making this scheme available to members.
An article has now been published in the May 2013 Riding On Magazine  

See Updates in comments below

The VicRoads Victorian Club Permit Scheme [ CPS ] now allows members of the Victorian Ulysses Club Branches to make limited use of their historic motorcycles on the road network.

A Ulysses club permit can only be issued to the following motorcycles in these categories:

.  Veteran vehicles – manufactured before 1 January 1919

Vintage vehicles – manufactured after 31 December 1918 and  

    before 1 January 1931

Classic and Historic vehicles – manufactured after 31 December 1930, but more than 25 years before the date of the application for a club permit.                                                   

          Club permits are issued for 12 months periods and motorcycles are issued with a specific club permit plate. { Red and White }

From 1 February 2011, new conditions of use for club permit motorcycles apply.

Under the new conditions of use, permit holders are no longer restricted to club sanctioned activities when using their motorcycles.  Club Permit motorcycles can be used at any time for any purpose other than for the carriage of goods or passengers for hire or reward.

A logbook is issued to permit holders to record the use of the motorcycles over the permit period.  A log book entry must be made each day that the motorcycle is used (unless the vehicle is within 100 metres of the garaged address).

A logbook must be carried in the motorcycle, or on the rider at all times the motorcycle is in use.

Log Book Enforcement.

It must be noted here that if the vehicle is used with out the log book being filled in for that day, if you are approached by the police, you could be fined for riding an unregistered vehicle. Also you could or will loose points from your licence.

Further to this and more importantly it will be a black mark against the Ulysses Club Inc.

It will then be up to VicRoads to decide what penalty the club will be imposed with.

Please remember it has taken a considerable effort for the club to be able to achieve this privilege, for all Victorian Ulysses members, so let’s not spoil it for everyone.

CPS Interstate State Restrictions

Updated March 2019


  • Club permit vehicles may be driven throughout all states and territories provided that the vehicle complies with Victorian requirements for the holding of the club permit.

Club Members Obligations.

Only financial members of the Ulysses Club are able to apply for either a 45 of 90 day permit depending on how much use they expect to make of the motorcycle over a 12 month period. 

If a person obtains a 45 day permit but later decides that this is not enough, another 45 day permit may be purchased later on.

However, no-one will be able to obtain a permit to ride their motorcycle for more than 90 days in each 12 month registration period.

Other features of the new scheme include:

VicRoads may suspend or cancel a permit if the permit holder fails to comply with the permit conditions or engages in conduct which threatens public safety or undermines the integrity of the permit scheme.

Clubs are required to sign an agreement with VicRoads that they meet certain obligations, including that they notify VicRoads if they become aware or reasonably suspect a pattern of incorrect use of a logbook by a  member.  If this is not done, VicRoads will be able to revoke the club’s approval to be part of the scheme

Club permit holders already on the scheme prior to 1 February 2011 have been issued with a free 90 day transitional logbook.  The transitional logbook will be able to be used until the current permit expires.  The logbook is valid until the permit expiry date and allows use up to a maximum of 90 days prior to the expiry date.

Permit holders operating with the transitional logbook are not issued with a label or logbook certificate sticker until the current permit is renewed after 1 February 2011.

How to Apply for a Ulysses Club Permit

  • To apply for a club permit you will need to email the club scrutineer at
  • The scrutineer will advise you of all requirements and documents needed.

You will then receive written verification by the scrutineer, in the form of a signed club permit application if you are a financial member of the Ulysses club and that you are permitted to register the vehicle, and that it is safe for use on the road.

Number Plates

If you submit your Club Permit application at one of the following VicRoads Customer Service Centres, you will receive your number plates on the spot. If you go to any other Customer Service Centre you will have to wait for the delivery of your number plates.

.  Bendigo       .  Broadmeadows       .  Bundoora         .  Burwood              

.  Carlton         .  Frankston                .  Geelong.          .  Mildura               

.  Morwell       .  Sunshine                  .  Warrnambool  .  Wodonga


Changing the address on your Club Permit

To change the address on your Club Permit, simply provide the following details:

.  Club Permit number/s

.  Drivers licence number

.  Name

.  Address

.  Vehicle details (make, model) and send to VicRoads by Mail:


GPO Box 1644

Melbourne Vic 3001

Or Fax (03) 9854 2316


Refunds are not available for Club Permits if the period for which the permit was obtained has commenced.





Ulysses Club Inc. Has now a signed agreement in place with VicRoads stating that:


1.      The Club will not endorse an initial application for a club permit 

by one of its members, unless it is satisfied that the motorcycle included in the application is an eligible motorcycle, and is safe for use on a highway, and complies with any relevant safety standards notified to the Club by VicRoads.  (In each case, the Club must  sight a current Certificate of Roadworthiness for the motorcycle.)


 2.         The Club will maintain a Register of club permit motorcycles   

     operated by its members, and will, within 14 days after a written   

     request to do so by VicRoads - 

a)     provide a current copy of the Register to VicRoads; or

b)    cross-check the Register against records provided by VicRoads and notify VicRoads of any discrepancies.


3.    If the Club becomes aware that a club permit motorcycle operated by one of its members may not be safe to use on a highway, the Club will promptly notify that member of the suspected safety issue(s) and require that any such issues be rectified within 14 days.


 4.  The Club will promptly notify VicRoads if it becomes aware of or reasonably suspects –

a)     a pattern of incorrect use of a club permit log book by one of the members; or

                                b)    that a motorcycle operated by one of the members under  club permit is not an eligible     motorcycle; or       

c)   that one of the members has ceased to be a financial member of the Club; or

        d)  that one of the members has failed to restore a motorcycle to safe condition following a notification under paragraph 3, in accordance with the                                                          terms of that notification; or

                e)  that a motorcycle operated by one of the members under a club permit has been sold or otherwise disposed of and the club permit log book and club permit were not destroyed on disposal as required by the Regulations, and/or the club permit number plates were not removed; or

                f)  that a motorcycle operated by one of the members under a club permit has been disposed of ,with the intention of undermining the Scheme (that is, the motorcycle has been “sold” to a friend or relative so that another club permit log book can be obtained, but the motorcycle continues to be ridden by the previous owner).



Please check with Vic Roads and Geoff regarding current fees as the following are only a guide.

Vehicle   45 Day TAC Cover   $45.10  Registration $20 plus log book $2.50

                90 Day TAC Cover    $90.20 Registration $40.10 plus log book $2.50 

See Documents attached


I club plated my 1964 BMW 250 last week just to try out the scheme, and it is a smooth system. So I hope our members will enjoy being able to ride their "oldie but a goodie", as i am doing now.
Cheers Geoff Williams

The documents required to make an application for a "Club Permit" are no longer located  at the bottom of the article as "Attachments" and can be downloaded for completion.

The application documents include contact details for Geoff to assist in the process.

I will look at creating a "documents" folder available to "members to simplify matters in the near future 


Contrary to previous posts, the forms related to this system should be obtained by contacting Geoff via email at the following    The forms change from time to time for all sorts of reasons and we have decided not to make obsolete or incomplete forms available via the web.

Thanks Geoff    

This letter from Geoff Williams to the Ulysses Club is self explanatory

Farewell from Club Permit Scheme Scrutineer                                                 

A letter from Geoff Williams, who has resigned from his post as Ulysses Club Permit Scheme scrutineer for Victoria:

"It was mid 2011 that I was talking to some classic bike people and telling them of my passion for restoring and riding classic era motor bikes, when it got me thinking as to why the  Ulysses Club don’t have such a system in Victoria. I knew only of a system in NSW. I thought there must be so many bikes lying around in members sheds, garages or the like, that could be restored and ridden in the Ulysses Club by Victorian members.
And so I started the enquiries with Natcom and VicRoads, as to the feasibility of getting the permit scheme up and running. It was December 2011 when all paperwork was submitted to VicRoads, and after more paperwork going backwards and forwards, the Ulysses Club was finally approved for club plates, and that was on the 14/9/2012. Since the approval there has been a lot of development with a computer system and spreadsheets to comply with all the VicRoads legislation and requirements. I must mention here that Ulysses member, Derek Smyth did a great job in helping me with the system also. So the CPS has now been running for over 3 years, and I must say it has been working very well with great results. We now have over 212 bikes registered on CPS and there doesn’t seem to be any let up on enquiries. Also there would be approximately 35- 40 percent of these new registrations are new members joining the club, and this is giving our club some extra exposure.
And now sadly, I get to the reason for this communication.
For the past 9 years my wife and I have been traveling to the Northern Territory to work on remote cattle stations, during the cattle muster season. When I commenced the CPS it was all done via computer and not a problem as long as I had Internet connection, but since VicRoads changed the format for the CPS I have had to rely on the generous help of Ulysses members, Derek Smyth and of late Kevin White to handle it for me. They have both done a terrific job of helping the members with all their paperwork and emails, and I cannot thank them both enough. For without their input the CPS would not have moved forward as quickly as it has. I also need to thank Henry Rokx for all his help and support with updates and the Riding On Reports.
My wife and I have been offered a work opportunity interstate and I feel it is unfair to all the members to have to chop and change emails etc. which has caused a few issues. Kevin White #10667, has kindly agreed to, and is looking forward to taking over the running of the Ulysses CPS on a permanent basis from now on. Also Derek Smyth and I will remain scrutineers to help Kevin when needed. I must say I have enjoyed immensely setting the CPS up and receiving photos of the restored bike, also reading how the bike came about. It has been a privilege to serve Ulysses members and give something back to such a great club, after 16 years as a member. But also I feel with each change in directorship, and new blood there comes new ideas and this only benefits the member in the long run.
We will be sending an email to every CPS member giving details of the new changes, if you have not received your email buy the time this Riding On reaches you, please let Kevin White know. Sometimes things slip through the net, or members email addresses change without us being notified. Also I will be redirecting mail to Kevin to minimize any problems during the transition period. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all CPS members for their adherence to the VicRoads Rules, and the understanding that the Roadworthy Certificate for their bike needed to be implemented to remove the Club from any Litigation. This has held the Club in a very positive position with VicRoads.
I would also like to personally thank Helena Gritton and Jen Woods for all their help and support along the way in getting the CPS up and running, as well the great help from our great NatCom office staff.
Also note that everything including the gmail web site still remains the same. Its only the postal address that has changed, so please address your correspondence exactly as above and do not address it to Kevin White personally, as this only causes postal problems if redirection is needed.
Remember the old classics are a great ride and are a chance to relive some of your youth, even if you ride it at a slower pace than before.

Geoff Williams  # 17747"

Many thanks to Geoff for getting this great facility for members started and running so smoothly. coolyes

Thanks also to Kevin White for taking on the role and to Derek Smyth for all his support in the past and continuing into the futureyes

This is a reminder that all things to do with club plate permits and renewals must be done through Kevin via  as detailed above and in the Summer 2015 Riding On report by Henry Rokx.

Melbourne Branch committee members have no authority in this process and cannot confirm any details required by Vic Roads. 

NB The system has been working well for 3 years now but your local branch is unable to provide any of the required documentation

As some of you are aware, Kevin White was the contact for the Red Plate Scheme. Kevin passed away recently, and Paul Butler has now taken up the reins. yes
enlightened  All Club Plate Scheme enquiries should be directed to PAUL BUTLER –
Email for the postal address.

Information received via November VIB enlightened

This is a direct lift of information received from Paul via the VIB (Victorian Information Bulletin) 
If you don't get such things it is time to make sure the National Admin Office has your current email address enlightened 

"Club Plate Scheme:
Those of you who have a vehicle that is 25+ years old and you drive/ride it for less than 90 days (also a 45 day permit) per year you might consider putting it on Club Plates for cheaper registration.
Check out the requirements
If your membership has expired, your Club Permit is invalid.
If your permit has expired, it is invalid.
Your membership expiry date is on your membership card, keep it handy.
Your permit expiry date is on your label attached to your bike.
If either of these are expired, you will have no insurance cover.
You are notified by Vicroads at least 6 weeks before your permit expires.
You are notified by NATCOM at least 90 days before your membership expires.
Make sure your email address is updated if you have changed it.
My job is to keep all details correct on a database so that members can enjoy the benefits of Club Permits.
When renewal is required, send your permits to me in an 'Express Post' envelope, also enclosing another for its return. In the past there have been letters lost due to incorrect postage stamps, the 'Express Post' envelopes stop this happening, and also return to you far quicker than snail mail.
Your job is to keep your details up to date, and your membership, and your permit.
It is not my job to chase you up.
I am required to tell VicRoads when your membership expires. That is a requirement of VicRoads allowing us to keep the permit scheme functional. Let's not let this scheme be taken off us due to not following their rules.
Paul Butler #17758"