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First Aid Training Through ASMA

Submitted by John_Cook on Thu, 20/08/2015 - 9:44pm

Gavin, one of our newer members recently booked a first aid training course through ASMA on Sunday 13 September.  As the course is funded via the TAC the fee is only $30.

I will quote him here:

I just came across a subsidised course for accident scene first aid, specifically tailored for motorbike riders.  It is run by a not-for-profit group (Accident Scene Management Australia). They have info about their mission on their website but I must admit that I have not heard of them until today. I have enrolled for a 1 day course for Sunday 13 September at Caufield South. Cost $30. Places are limited because only a small group can attend at any one time.

It seems possible to take it further (online) to obtain workplace a safety qualification, if that appeals.

Check out:

on the face of it, it seems like a potentially worthwhile thing to do. I have been wanting to do such a course for a while.  You may have heard of this organization, may have other links or may not be interested?  FYI.



A quick check of the booking form :                    appears to indicate that that course is now "full" but there are several other courses scheduled in regional areas of Victoria this year and/or you can put yourself on a waiting list.  

Training is never wasted and the course subsidised by your TAC levy seems to be great value so have a look and take advantage of the opportunity.