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HOW DO I......??

Submitted by bikechickadee on Sat, 25/08/2012 - 8:37am

Hi all Can somebody who is more technically able than myself tell me how do you attach an avatar photo toyour member profile?? What i would like to do is use one of myself from the historical galleries listed on this site, but im not sure on the A,B,C of how to do it? Does anybody know how? Failing that is it possible to attach an existing picture from my 1st Gen Ipad to act as my profile photo. Thoughts or comments? Post here please!

Hi John

Thanks for the advice on how to do this but it went a bit pear shaped

As you know I have an apple iPad so I managed to save 3 photos I liked to my home screen that went ok then I went into my account and hit the edit button and went down to the bit that said " upload picture" and under that it says "choose file" unfortunately choose file was ghosted out (grey colour) and certainly was not operative. Rather frustration since all the other bits till then worked!!

I tried a few times but nothing doing.Any IPad apple gurus out there?? There must be a way to do it?????


Sorry Sheri, I am not familiar with Apple products.  I just cross checked on mine and when I went to "Choose file" it went straight to the photo gallery on my PC.   As you've logged in and got to the edit page, I cannot understand why the "choose file" button is not working for you.

Best of luck  Cheers  John 

Sorry I haven't been around for a bit. Family concerns sadly. 

ios , or the software that runs ipads, uses 'apps' to run it , and it is a closed system. You dont have access to 'a file system' on an ipad , hence, the button to upload is greyed out. 

This may change a bit n a few days when ios6 comes out . There are some apps now appearing that make attempts to deal with this matter, but I haven't looked at them yet.

So at this point , you will need to access the site from an actual computer if you want to upload files to a web sites server.





Thanks Kate.
Sadly i thought that might be the case. Thanks for the input. Gee all these photos on ipad that u cant upload!! In my ignorance when i bought the ipad ( knowing nothing about them) i did ask the sales guy is it just like a regular computer? His answer was an emphatic "Yes!" I think he must be related to used car salesmen. Say anything to get you to buy it!!


Hi Sheri,

At last got around to trying to do what you were after - loading an Avatar photo using the iPad only - seems to be OK.   As others have commented Apple applications like to live in their own world - without the concept of the PC file explorer.  However, there are some nifty file sharing products that are system and application agnostic.   I used Evernote to do it - possibly others would work as well -  e.g. Dropbox.   The detail instructions are probably a bit tedious - but let me try an overview: 


Download Evernote from the App Store (free)   Usually it is used to synch your Ipad with your Smartphone, with your PC / upload to the cloud etc -(and lots of other things as well - it is great)  but for your purpose you probably just need it on your Ipad.


Capture the image that you want from wherever - e.g. I picked my Facebook image up.  Simply touch and hold the photo, then "save image"  Evernote then saves it automatically to its "camera roll"


Go to the Ulysses site - edit your profile / upload picture / "choose existing" .. and it will offer you the "camera roll entries"   Select the one previously saved and that should be it


Good luck   PM me if you have trouble - I might be a bit slow responding though - doing a bit of juggling at the moment




Thanks Brian for the tip. I just uploaded a pic for an avatar without needing Evernote , using the method you suggested. I wonder if that's new for ios6. The use existing button oped up my iPhoto pics from the cloud and camera roll etc .
Note to self - change the size description on upload pics cause it doesn't matter what size it is - the site resizes it to the appropriate size.
I think it's a new ios6 thing because I don't remember being able to do that before .
Thanks for the heads up Brian. Very cool.