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How To Join The Ulysses Club

Submitted by Kate on Wed, 07/07/2010 - 9:52pm

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How To Join The Ulysses Club

Any lady or gentleman who is over the age of 40, and who holds a current motorcycle licence, or is a regular partner of such a person is eligible to join. Until such time as you reach the grand old age of 50 you will be a 'junior' member but you will still have full membership rights and privileges. It's just that you may have to help some of the 'seniors' on or off their machines sometimes!


There is a joining fee of $40 and 3 year membership is mandatory, currently at $100. This we feel gives a considerable incentive to long term survival! (Overseas members incur additional charges).

$40.00 joining fee.
$100.00 for 3 years membership.
    $140.00 total

The Ulysses story is optional for $15 (normally $20)


An intending member must complete a MEMBERSHIP PROPOSAL which is attached below , Please forward your completed Membership Application Form, copy of licence and 

cheque or money order (please make payable to Ulysses Club Inc.) to: 

Ulysses Club Inc, PO Box 3242, Narellan NSW 2567