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Lane Filtering Implementation 2 November 2015

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Lane Filtering Implementation 2 November 2015

 Victoria Announces the Introduction of Motorcycle Lane Filtering

The Victorian Motorcycle Council (VMC) applauds today’s announcement by the Victorian Government confirming the introduction of motorcycle lane filtering and ending the legal ambiguity surrounding it.

The VMC fully endorses motorcycles and scooters safely filtering through stationary and slow moving lines of traffic and welcomes the 2nd November implementation date.

Victorian motorcyclists have long campaigned for the safety benefits of lane filtering. The 2011 Parliamentary Inquiry into Motorcycle Safety confirmed that motorcycle lane filtering fundamentally improves rider safety. It reduces the risk of a nose-to-tail collision; the leading cause of rider hospitalisation in metropolitan Melbourne. Furthermore, filtering can significantly reduce peak hour congestion.

All road users (pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists and motorists alike) are called upon to share the roads responsibly and to take extra care during the implementation phase as filtering moves towards becoming an accepted and established practice.

The VMC acknowledges the support of the Victorian Government and its agencies in engaging and working closely with riders and the riding community to introduce filtering on Victorian roads to the benefit of all road users.

Road Safety is a shared responsibility between all road users.


VMC is Victoria’s peak motorcycling advocacy body and is a member of Australia’s peak motorcycling body, the Australian Motorcycle Council. For more information regarding this press release or the VMC,   please call:

John Eacott – Media spokesperson 0428 383826

Peter BaulchVMC Deputy Chair: 0428 246175, or

Rob Salvatore - VMCChair 0409 416230

NB:  At this stage I still cannot find a reference to the legislation on the Vic Roads website - I will post a copy when I find it   JC

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Lane Filtering Laws

And from Vic Roads:

"Changes to lane filtering laws

From 2 November 2015 new laws will mean motorcycles and scooters can filter on Victoria’s roads, where safe to do so. 

Lane filtering is when a rider moves at low speed between slow-moving or stopped traffic. The new laws are being brought in to clarify what motorcycle and scooter owners are permitted to do.   

Lane filtering affects all road users and members of the community took the opportunity to have their say on this issue during an extensive period of public consultation 

Why has the law changed?

The law is changing to clarify what motorcyclists and scooter riders can and cannot do. 
Lane filtering is not strictly illegal but motorcyclists who filter are potentially breaking a number of Victorian Road Safety Road Rules.

These new road rules will provide clarity for all road users about what is and isn’t allowed when lane filtering.

What are the new rules?

To introduce the new laws, Road Rule 151A will be introduced to permit lane filtering:

·                                 Between lanes or lines of traffic in the same direction

·                                 Between lanes or lines of traffic and parked vehicles

·                                 For motorcycle licence holders (not motorcycle learner permit holders)

·                                 At speeds up to 30 km/h

·                                 If ‘safe to do so’

·                                 With a penalty for exceeding 30 km/h while filtering

On all roads with two or more lanes or lines of traffic travelling in the same direction unless otherwise signed"


You still may not use bicycle lanes or "bicycle boxes"  nor may you use emergency stopping lanes to filter.

You may filter in shopping strips, the CBD, school zones and between traffic and parked cars 

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Lane Filtering Became Legal Today - 2 November

Today's Media Release from the Victorian Motorcycle Council

"2nd November 2015    Media Release 
Motorcycle Lane Filtering is Legal
The Victorian Motorcycle Council and motorcycle and scooter riders throughout Victoria welcome the start of legal Motorcycle Lane Filtering.
The Hon Luke Donnellan - Minister for Road Safety and VicRoads are congratulated for implementing lane filtering which both improves rider safety and helps reduce traffic congestion to the benefit of all road users.
Coupled with footpath parking and a comprehensive City of Melbourne motorcycle plan, Victoria is now a leading motorcycling state where motorcycles and scooters are encouraged as a legitimate transport choice and as part of transport policy.
“It made no sense that riders were penalised for using their vehicle’s small foot print to both improve their safety and make progress through traffic,” said VMC Chair Rob Salvatore. “Now filtering will be an expressly legal activity that will help to maximise the efficient use of our limited road resource for the benefit of all road users.”

Joining NSW, QLD and the ACT and many other jurisdictions around the world, Victorian motorcycle and scooter riders can now legally take advantage of their smaller footprint, improving their safety and better sharing the roads with all other road users."