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Midweek Rides

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Midweek Rides

This issue of midweek rides was again raised during discussions on Sunday's ride

Put simply, I am all for having midweek rides and there is absolutely no reason that we cannot have them as frequently as members may want.

Pat and participating members do a great job of filling the Sunday ride calendar and that is great.

  • I believe that the organisation of midweek rides should be kept very simple and not left up to the ride coordinator.
  • My suggestion  / recommendation is very simple.  
  • If you have the time, the forecast is good and you fancy a ride on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday and want company, simply put it on the calendar to let people know where you are starting from and the meeting time.  enlightened    Seven day forecasts are reasonably good now and I can highlight any such proposed rides on the front page for an appropriate period.
  • I did a couple in Spring last year and while attendance was very low, we had a couple of great days out riding wink   

If you're not sure about creating a date on the ride calendar, contact me and I can help you with the process