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Power to the People

Submitted by skutr on Sun, 19/09/2010 - 7:54pm

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or Auxiliary Power Outlet Installation

On our recent “Last 4 days of Winter” trip Neville Large lost part of the bodywork from his newly acquired Suzuki Bergman 650 executive.  He had plugged the power supply of his GPS into the power outlet in the left hand glove box – the GPS worked a treat – but the power supply made it impossible to close the glove box.   So he rode with the glove box lid open.  And he suffered the consequences!

On day 2 of our ride, we noticed that a cover panel on Nevs bike was missing in action.  He could remember feeling something hit his left foot, but considering we were all travelling at the speed limit – well he just let it go without another thought.   We have just learnt that it was a $20 panel replacement.  Seems that it relies on the glove box being closed to keep it in place .. err so that means if you use the power outlet in the glove box  while riding  it may cost you $ 20 each time to replace the errant panel.

For a number of years I have been fitting auxiliary power outlets to my bikes and last Saturday morning, over a convivial coffee the subject of how to provide power for a GPS on a Bergman was discussed and I offered to run an Farkle session at my home workshop to solve the problem.


Of course as always I have rushed into this story..  A most important point to cover is the power outlet or sockets that we are about to install.  Many folks make the mistake of purchasing a car type cigarette lighter socket from their favorite car accessory outlet .  WRONG!      Those types are not made to withstand the weather and washing that bikes are subjected to and , while at first they may seem OK they will present long term frustration and failure.

 The ONLY type I can recommend for use on a bike is the SUTARS power outlets designed for marine use.  They are waterproof and made from non corrosive materials.  Take a look at this link for a full description of the SUTARS power outlet  .  These units can be found in most ship chandler stores in Melbourne and I assume, across the country and should  cost around $12 each.

 The plan was simple.  Remove bodywork from the scooters - well by this time, as you can see from the earlier photo, there were two members who wanted this farkle installed.  Next with a suitable size hole saw cut a hole to mount the power outlet.  Power it via a home made (by me) wire loom, connect all up then put everything back together

 Here is a close up of the "dash" on Colins ride before we got started

 Neville provided a demonstration on how to remove the required panel.

and once he had all off it was time for the installation of the custom made "Y" cable loom to be fitted between the existing bike loom and existing power outlet that also provides the power connection to the new SUTARS outlet.

With the required panels removed a suitable sized hole was cut then the SUTARS installed in the hole.  A little silicon sealant was applied to the threads of the SUTARS, not to waterproof, but as a thread locker.  With the wire loom connected it was time to put all back together.

You can see the newly installed socket on Nevilles bike , above, if you take a close look, but here is a better view

And this is what it looks like on Colins scooter

After this we all retired for a well earned cup of tea.

If anyone wants more info - feel free to contact me by email.