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Ride Leaders for 2016

Submitted by Pat Ryan on Thu, 05/11/2015 - 8:39am

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Christmas is fast approaching so it is time to start looking at the ride calendar for next year.

We have the first ride on 3 Jan booked in by Ron Bromley and are looking for others to put their hands up to lead a ride in Jan, Feb or March at this stage, although plans further afield are welcome, particularly if you plan a weekend ride.

21 different Members led or will lead at least one ride during 2015. Of these John Cook did nine and Andrew Kennedy and myself six each. We would love to have the same Members lead at least one if not more rides this year and of course there are plenty of Members who ride most Sundays but have yet to find the time to put their hand up to lead. How about some of you give it a go this coming year as you will introduce us different roads and combinations of towns.

Rides do not have to be particularly long or difficult as all we really want is to get together on a Sunday and exercise our bikes.

I look forward to hearing from you on this website or phone or text to 0412 223 146.


The Spare Tyre has now been published but there are still some vacancies on the ride calendar

There is still an opening on 6 March for those who won't be at the AGM in Tassie and 27 March is also still vacant.

There is also an opening for the bitumen riders on 21 February.

Also it would be a great help to Pat, Brian and others if some more people volunteer to fill the calendar from April to June.  

So it is never to late or too early.  Think up a a ride, check the vacancies and get in touch with Pat.  enlightenedwink