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Rider Training

Submitted by John_Cook on Sun, 28/10/2012 - 9:56pm

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Rider Training and Additional Opportunites

14 Members attended rider training sessions conducted by Armstrong’s over two days on 15 and 22 September 2012.   I believe that we all got something out of it to improve ours skills and safety on the road.   Even though I have attended similar training previously, the continual practice at braking, cornering and bike handling certainly refreshed my skills and as I said to someone at the time, “We probably did more cornering and braking in that day than we would on a ride around Australia.”  

Training of this type is not designed to make you faster around a circuit, but is certainly relevant to reacting appropriately to the many situations we face on the road.    I have received positive feedback from several of the attendees.


Whilst training may initially seem expensive, it is good value when you consider you get a day’s riding using someone else’s fuel and bike plus with Armstrong’s we had excellent meals and refreshments included.  On top of that you are entitled to a rebate for training from the Ulysses Club once per 3 year membership, so overall it makes it an excellent investment in your own safety with added bonus of enjoyable camaraderie and fun on bikes.   

I therefore commend consideration of additional training to everyone.


More Training Date Opportunities

As advised in emails I sent out recently, Stephen Draper of Macedon Ranges Ulysses Branch has now also organised two training courses with HART in the near future. 

The first of these is Advanced Rider 2 and will be held at the Broadford Track on Thursday the 29th November. The reason for it being midweek is the huge cost increase for weekend hire of the track. There is a flat cost for this course which includes track hire, instruction, lunch provided plus first aid personal on scene.  This cost is $9,500 and is divided by the number of participants up to a maximum of 40. As this course will be offered to other Ulysses Branches we will be looking at a minimum of 30 hopefully 40. This would mean for 30 people a cost of $317.00 while with 40 participants the cost would reduce to $237.50. Of course if you haven’t done a training course during your current 3 year membership with the Ulysses you are eligible for an $80 reimbursement.

The second of these courses is the Intermediate Course. This will be done at the HART complex at Somerton and will include basic riding skills such as slow riding, U turns, counter steering, emergency braking plus other useful skills. HART will supply bikes for the training at the complex. Riders will then take their bikes out on the road for an assessment of their skills and feedback from the instructors. The cost of this course is $180.00 per person and will be held on December 8th with a flow over to December 9th if required. These courses have a maximum of 14 participants.

These courses have been organised to prepare yourselves for the coming Summer when you, no doubt, will be riding a lot more.

Stephen needs to have a reply within 2 weeks so we can finalise these bookings.

If you have any questions Stephen can be reached on 0407 058 058.


Stephen Draper # 36741

President  Macedon Ranges Branch  Ulysses Club Inc.


Beyond that I would add that there will always be training opportunities in the future.  Both Armstrongs and HART are reputable, provide good quality courses and will provide discounts to Ulysses members, particularly if they book as a group. 

If you were unable to attend any of the above sessions, it is always open to you to start another training group by doing a forum post and then liaising direct with the training group of your choice.


John Cook   


In recent weeks I have had expressions of interest from 4 members to do a training course relatively early in the new year 2014.   I still have to liaise with the training providers to establish a date, venue and costs etc  but would appreciate it if any members interested in doing a training course of a similar nature could let me know.