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SADLY the SPARE TYRE has gone into "retirement" with the first edition edition of 2021.   Whether this is a permanent retirement or not is up to a member becoming a willing editor. 
The "Instant News" worlds of the internet and platforms such as this website and Facebook have probably been significant factors.  If you'd like to reinvigorate this worthy publication please contact a committee member. enlightened      

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The Spare Tyre newsletter is the official newsletter of the Melbourne Branch and is issued Quarterly in March, June, September and December of each year. It contains all the news, ride reports, items of interest, sponsors details and other news within the branch over the previous 3 months.

This year, committee have agreed that the Spare Tyre will be available via the Spare Tyre Archive free of charge from the March 2009 issue.

Members who do not have access to the website and wish to have the Spare Tyre posted to them the usual $15 annual subscription applies.
EDIT March 2021  The continuation of publishing the Spare Tyre is in doubt.  If you have any interest in publishing a newsletter - please contact the committee urgently  


The Spare Tyre newsletter has been a feature of the Melbourne Branch since it first started in the mid 80's. Our records show that the branch newsletter was first issued in mid 1984 with the name changing to that of Spare Tyre newsletter a year or two later. It contained details of the committee of the day, ride calendar (two rides per month), ride guidelines, meeting places and items of interest and was posted to all branch members throughout Victoria.

The link to view a 1986 Newsletter before it was renamed the 'Spare Tyre' newsletter has failed.  Edit March 2021 - I will seek it out  You will discover just how well the branch has been served over the years with very little changing in our actual Ride Protocols and Meeting Places.  

Spare Tyre Archive

A Spare Tyre Archive in pdf format  is available for members.


The branch is indebted to those members who willingly donated their copies of the Spare Tyre newsletter to the 'branch archives'.

Our thanks in particular go to past Presidents and long time Melbourne Branch members Ron Blomley (Dearnley Medalist) and Bob Tate, who provided the majority of the material for the Spare Tyre archives. More recently, Les Bennett, one of the original founding members of the Melbourne Branch and our first branch Archivist provided additional material for the arhives including the original Branch Flag and several missing newsletters dating from the 1984-1986 period when the branch was first started.

Through their contributions, and the contributions of others, the branch now has a complete record of the Spare Tyre newsletters from the first meeting of the group that ultimately formed the Melbourne Branch on the 1st May 1984 to the present.

However, we are always seeking to add club records, memoribilia and articles to our archives and should anyone have anything they would like to donate they may contact the President, any member of the committee, or the site administrator via the contact link at the bottom of every page.