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Spring Summer and Sponsors

Submitted by John_Cook on Wed, 28/10/2015 - 7:44pm

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The Spring and Summer riding season is upon us and many of us have already been out there enjoying rides and activities.    It is also time to think about buying those accessories, getting the bike serviced or even trying or buying a new bike.  In doing that please consider our sponsors for your needs, as their support enables us to fund the running of our VSK Day, our website and other branch activities.   So show your appreciation by checking them out and mention your Ulysses membership if buying or getting service from them.

I will detail them alphabetically;        

Andy Strapz 97863445   

are at 1/95 Brunel Road,Seaford and have an incredible array of accessories, clothing and useful bits for motorcycling.


Bike Mart 98795822

are at 4/70 Maroondah Highway, Ringwood have been in business for 20 years and are the branch’s longest term sponsor / supporter.  Brian and his crew have a great variety of accessories, apparel and spares and I’ve always found them a pleasure to deal with.   


BM Motorcycles 98703807     

are at 5 Heatherdale Road,  Ringwood and have been servicing BMW for over 30 years and have been the BMW service provider of choice for many branch members for many years.


The above article is as relevant today as it was when I wrote it a year ago.

Thanks to these sponsors yes the branch can bring a lot to members without charge and the sponsors' support also helps us fund things such as the day we put on for Very Special Kids.

I can only repeat - return the support and check our sponsors out when getting prepared for the coming riding seasonenlightenedwink  

After winning the Andy Strapz voucher at the Odyssey (and no, it was not riggedwink blush) I called in and and now have a great new summer neck protector and also some over gloves for next wintercool

My old helmet had gone way past it's use by date  so I called in and saw Brian at Bike Mart, used some of my "birthday" money and I am now the happy owner of a new helmet at a very good price for my day

Good service from great sponsors - what more could you want?  Keep them in mind when asked "What do you want for Christmas?   

So, have a good Christmas, enjoy your riding and keep the shiny side upenlightened