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Ulysses Club Faqs

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Ulysses Club Faqs

How Do I Join the Ulysses Club?

Prospective members can join through any branch of the club or through the National Ulysses Club Website

Members wishing to join through the Melbourne Branch can download a Membership Proposal form from the Melbourne branch here. 

Do Members Join a Branch or Join the Ulysses Club?

All members join the Ulysses Club and are part of the Ulysses family of members both in Australia and Overseas. Members may align themselves to ride or socialise with any branch in their locality or as many branches as they wish, but no one joins a branch.

How Do I Find Contact Details for a Branch in my Area?

Branch details can be found on the national website or in our 'Useful Links' section.

How Many Members Are There in the Ulysses Club?

The Ulysses Club has 25,779 financial members as at March 2008. All up some 50,500 members have joined the club since it first started in 1983 with 26,181 new members joining since since 2001. (See Ulysses Club AGM & Membership Statistics).

How Many Financial Members Are There in Each State/Territory?

The number of financial members in each state/territory as at March 2008 are as follows:

State/Territory     Actual #     Percentage
NSW                   10606         41%
QLD                     5674          22%
VIC                      4660          18%
SA                       1907           7%
WA                       434            6%
TAS                      740            3%
ACT                      605            2%
NT                        221            1%

How Often does The Club Hold its Annual General Meetings?

The club holds an annual general meeting every year, usually in the first few months of the year from February to May.

Where are these AGMs held?

The AGMs are held in a different location each year and are the premier event on the club calendar. Members from all States and Territories and from Overseas travel to the week long festivities surrounding the formal AGM Meeting. Current and future locations for the AGM are as follows:

May 2008 - Townsville - Qld
Mar 2009 - Penrith - NSW (Click on link for details)
Mar 2010 - Albany - WA (Click on link for details)

Details of previous AGMs, numbers attending and their location etc are available on the Ulysses AGM and Membership Statistics page.

How Often Are Club Officials Elected?

Club Officials are elected annually at our Annual General Meeting. Traditionally, about 400 members attend the formal AGM Meeting to elect our officials although this has increased slightly in recent years.

How Long is the Term of Office for Club Officials?

Club officials must stand for re-election each year. There is no time limit on how long club officials can serve on the national committee. Most serve for considerable periods of time - see Ulysses Club - Honour Board for details.

If Unable to Attend the AGM Can I Vote By Postal Vote?

Yes - but only if members request a Ballot Form from the Club Secretary, in writing. Ballot Forms are printed on special embossed paper chosen by the national committee. Photo copied ballot forms will not be accepted.

If Unable to Attend the AGM Can I Elect Club Officials by Proxy Vote?

No - The club does not allow voting by proxy.

Will I be Able to Vote on Special Resolutions & Changes to the Club Constitution?

Yes - All members are sent a Postal Vote with their Riding On magazine to vote on Special Resolutions and changes to the Club Constitution.

Who are the Faithful 400 I Keep Hearing About?

The 'faithful 400' are largely the same 400 or so 'old boys' who faithfully attend each formal AGM meeting. Unless club members actually attend an AGM or apply for and submit a postal vote, the faithful 400 are the only members who get to elect club officials!

Who or what is NatCom?

NatCom is an abbreviation or term used to describe our national committee which is made up of 7 members who are voted into office annually at each AGM.  The current Natcom is made up from:

    * 4 Members from NSW (President, Treasurer, Committee Member)
    * 1 from SA (Vice President and Secretary)
    * 1 from ACT, and ,
    * 1 from Qld.

Victoria, Tasmania, WA and NT are not represented on the National Committee.

Will the States Have Equal Representation On The National Committee?

Equal representation is unlikely as there is nothing in the Constitution to ensure that each state is represented on the national committee. Traditionally membership of Natcom has come from NSW - See Ulysses Club Inc - Honour Board for details.

How Often Does the club hold its National Committee Meetings?

National Committee meetings are held about every 2 months depending on club needs. Under our constitution, the club is required to hold 6 committee meetings per annum.

Are the Minutes of Natcom Meetings Made Available to Members?

Yes, national committee meeting minutes are available for download on the club website and the Melbourne Branch Archives as they become available.

Are Members Consulted on the Development of Club Policies?

No, members are not consulted. The national committee decides all matters and members are expected to support those decisions.

Does the Club Have A Written Policy & Procedure Manual?

No - the club does not have a written policy or procedure manual but does provide a Handbook for Members outlining the most frequently asked questions from branches and new members. The handbook also contains an overview of the history of the club and its inherited traditions and changes developed over many years by successive national committees.

Does The Club Have A Dispute Resolution Procedure?

No - The Ulysses Club does not have a dispute resolution procedure!

Where Can I Obtain a Copy of Our Constitution?

A copy of the club constitution can be downloaded from the national website or from the Club Documents section of the branch website.

What is the Riding On Magazine"

Riding On MagazineThe Riding On magazine is the official journal of the Ulysses Club and is published every 3 months in Feb, May, Aug and Nov. It contains information about forthcoming events, articles and advertising on topics of interest to members.
Who is this 'Old Number #1' I keep hearing about?

Old No #1 is the title that has been given to our club founder Stephen Dearnley (OAM) who founded the Ulysses Club in 1983. Since that time the club has developed into the largest organisation of its kind in the country and is now a familiar part of the riding scene in Australia with an extensive network of members throughout Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Canada and Norway.

What is the 'Ulysses Story'

The Ulysses story is the title of a book about the club written by Stephen Dearnley. First published in 2000 and later revised and expanded in 2003 it contains recollection of the early days and is a must read for all members. All proceeds from the sale of this book go towards research into arthritis.

Where can I get a Club T Shirt with a Logo on it like yours?

Club merchandise is available from the Ulysses Club website or from the Quartermaster on a branch ride. Each time you purchase merchandise through the Melbourne Branch Quartermaster, a small amount of the proceeds go to support the 'Very Special Kids' program (VSK Day). The cost to you is the same as buying through the 'Riding On' magazine or from the national website, so support our branch and the VSK.

Note: The FAQ sheet is a living document and subject to change from time to time. Members with a suggestion for a new topic or inclusion can post them in the forums.