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National Rally 2021

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National Rally 2021

We have received a package of information from the 2021 National Rally committee which will be of great interest to those planning on going to Western Australia.
The Rally is at Mandurah (70km south of Perth), and the dates are: 22nd to 28th March 2021
The info package includes a lot of valuable help on travelling the Nullabor, and on Mandurah's facilities, attractions and accommodation, as well as an electronic version of the Rally handbook.
Well worth checking it out and making your plans for going west!

If you have troubles with the info. I have a limited number of usb memory sticks with it on, so give me (Brian L) a call and we'll get you one of those.
When the 2021 Rally website gets up and running (soon?) this info will be included on that.


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Mandurah 22 - 28 March 2021

The website is still under construction (due in June) but here is the link (297 days to go at time of this post
Kris and I have no idea whether or not we may attend at this stage due to outcome of deferrals of this years travel plans crying
but, we crossed the Nullabor in 2019 (car and caravan) and thoroughly enjoyed it
There is just so much to see and do along the way, so making a "good trip of it" is definitely worth considering. 
We enjoyed the Eyre Peninsula on the way over before crossing the Nullarbor but you do need time to appreciate it.
We stayed at both Busselton and Fremantle and only passed through Mandurah but I can say the area is definitely worth a visit. 
So it is a plus for both the journey and the destinationyes  We really enjoyed the entire south west.  
If you have the time during the journey, the Granite Skywalk at Porangurup National park is definitely worth a visit. cool  It is north of Albany enlightened

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