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Trafalgar Ride 22 January 2023

Submitted by John_Cook on Sun, 22/01/2023 - 6:20pm

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It was another great ride today.   Over a dozen people attended and I forgot to count.
Brian once again succeeded in showing me some roads I’d never ridden.  Well done. 

Steve C's latest "toy" created interest
It was a very scenic run down to Korumburra and it was good to see that I’m not the only person who throws in the odd U turn. 
Road works (or lack of them) added some challenges and many of us  of us got to test our suspension on interesting back roads
Carlo exploring Gippsland 
Steve B exploring more of Gippsland

After the morning cuppa break at Korumburra the run back north towards Warragul was very nice and provided some great views before we headed east, came out near Yarragon and almost reached Trafalgar before Brian took us back into those beautiful (but at times bumpy) hills before finally descending down into Trafalgar over an earthquake fault line (which has its own special speed limit) and a lunch break in the main street.       
The scenery was fantastic and checking out the Holden Museum could have kept some there for hours more.   See it for yourself.
I enjoyed riding home via Neerim South and I believe new member Ralph did the same, once he finally tore himself away from the museum.  
Thanks Brian and thanks Barry for doing TEC duty
Our destination 

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