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Nominations for 2024 National Committee - Postal Vote Procedure

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Nominations for 2024 National Committee - Postal Vote Procedure

Advice has been received from the Club Secretary that nominations for the 2024 National Committee closed on 30th November.

Postal voting will open on the 11th December 2023 and close on 23rd February 2024.

If you wish to complete a postal vote, please contact the National Office via email to  or by phone 1300 134 123.
You will need to provide your name, membership ID and be financial.
A postal voting pack will be forwarded to your address (please make sure we have your current address). Please follow the instructions carefully to ensure that your returned vote is valid.

Please post in sufficient time to ensure that they arrive at the National Office by 23rd February 2024. Late votes will be invalid. Australia Post can be slow at times.
The Nominees are:
National President:
                Allan Pratt #9186                          David Wright #51871   
National Vice President:
                Robert Hunt #51563                     David Wright #51871   
National Secretary:
                Lyn Tout #42397              
National Treasurer:
                John Osborne #41785                   John Tout #42398          
Ordinary Committee members: (3 to be elected)
                Robert Hunt #51563                      Dennis King #37149      
                Blue Knowles #33140                    Lea Morgan #54938      
                John Osborne #41785  
The Profiles for the nominees are available on the website   You will need to login in, go to Members / Documents / General