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A request from Brian to help on Saturday

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A request from Brian to help on Saturday
Looking for a ride with a difference on Saturday?
Triathlon Victoria need a (yes, just one!) motorcyclist to assist with their event in Werribee South this coming Saturday (30th April).
It's a solo job (no pillion to carry) and you'd be needed from 8.30 am through to 2.30pm.
The task is to ride out in front of the lead competitor for each of 5 separate bike legs of the races to be run throughout the day. Two races are 7 laps (which will take about 20 minutes each) and three are 5 laps, taking about 15 minutes each. In between these bike legs, you'll be able to rest and take in the sights of Werribee whilst the swim and run legs of the races are underway.
You'll be able to negotiate a bit of expenses for the day (as an indication we charged $120 plus $25 fuel voucher for the Ironman, but that was a bit more responsibility in terms of carrying pillions etc) .
Opps, one thing to add: One of the turnaround points is in a straight street, and you'll "only" have 3 traffic lanes to do a U-turn on the move, so the job does need a reasonably agile bike and rider.
If you're able to help out with this it would be good for the Club as it will maintain and strengthen the relationship with the Triathlon sport which provide nice fundraising opportunities and some fun riding with a difference.
Please contact myself if you're interested, and I'll pass on the contact details for Triathlon Victoria.
(Yeah, I'd do it myself except I'm going to Yarram to play in the mud) 
Brian Lacey 
0439 010 873