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Ride Leaders Wanted - October through December

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Ride Leaders Wanted - October through December

Our branch does its very best to maintain a healthy ride calendar -  particularly on Sundays.
Put simply, it is a great help if some members who do  ride regularly actually contacted the ride coordinator and offered to lead a ride.
It should not be up to the same people all the time.  
Plenty of guidance and assistance is available if you're interested  in giving it  try.  
I will now quote a recent post from our ride coordinator - Andrew Kennedy 
"To all members.  To keep our Sunday Rides successful we need a continuance of help from members with putting their hand up to lead rides.
Those leaders who are experienced are happy to assist any newbies with advice, routes and best riding back roads.
South Gippsland, northwards in the Seymour direction, or exploring the many tracks back of the Dandenongs are always popular. 
Please assist your fellow members by leading and giving us new ideas and tracks. I will always be happy to enter the ride for you onto our website for you.
I can be contacted on 0481330107"
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