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Social Activities

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Social Activities

With venues closing and that damn virus wrecking plans (and worse) things have been far from routine this past year.
The Committee would like to remind you that things are in fact still ticking along.

  1. We do still meet every Saturday morning at the Melbourne Bakehouse at 210 Bay Street, Port Melbourne for a coffee and chat.  Good value and great service too plus a truly interesting area to visit especially for an outer suburbanite like me and you can check out the Bay too.  If you've never been or haven't been for a while come along and check it out. 
  2. We do still plan for a monthly social night.  It has traditionally been during the third week of the month and we have been experimenting with week nights as opposed to higher demands on Friday nights.  We had a very enjoyable night at the Mulgrave Country Club (Cnr of Jells and Wellington Roads, Wheelers Hill)  on a Wednesday night at the end of June and plan to do it again in July.  Keep an eye on the calendar.  Come along and enjoy the camaraderie.  Due to Covid restrictions, we do need firm numbers for bookings so Check the Calendar
  3. We also do our best to maintain an active ride calendar and ride most Sundays.  I have now added a link to the home page to help you find the details of the ride meeting points.