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Social Updates

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Social Updates
  • It was great to see three new members (Ingrid, Steve and Nolan) at the Wednesday night Social at Mulgrave last night and they were made welcome before we all snuck off home earlier than usual to watch a certain event in TV. 
  • Ingrid and Steve enjoyed themselves it seems, as they came along to the Naked Racer for the now regular Thursday morning catch up 
  • Saturday breakfast catch-up are still occurring at the Melbourne Bakehouse in Bay Street Port Melbourne, but I believe numbers have been low of late (I've been away and then grandkids take precedence on Saturday mornings)    
  • The monthly VBC meetings are also very popular 

The enjoyment from these activities and rides is only limited by what members are willing to put into it.  We all have different things going on so make the most of the events that suit you