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Spare tyre value - comments please

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Spare tyre value - comments please

Hi all,

Our esteemed editor of Spare Tyre, Brian Q, has posed a question in the latest issue asking if you get any value out of receiving the Spare Tyre.

Please feel free to share your responses here or email Brian direct at

To read his article, go to front page of website and click latest spare tyre link.

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Sailbad The Sin...
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Love It

I am an avid reader of ride reports and viewer of galleries of Sunday rides - as soon as they're available, I'm all over them!!  I also read Spare Tyre from cover to cover.  I think Spare Tyre serves a number of valuable purposes:

  • Official Branch mouthpiece
  • Items of interest/news
  • Display of sponsor and other products
  • Ride calendar
  • Ride reports
  • Special reports (overseas trips, interstate rides , etc)
  • Medium for members to communicate views, opinions, etc

I, for one, see the ride reports in Spare Tyre to be quite different from those on the website - I really enjoy re-reading reports in Spare Tyre, because of the format & layout, plus they sometimes include pictures!!  I don't find it repetitious at all.  I think it adds to the variety in each publication.

This, added with member write ups of special events, makes the magazine what it is.  I'm all for keeping it going.




Sailbad The Sinner
(Greg Gleason)

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A Great Record

In addition to being informative at the time of publication;

  1. I see it as a great quarterly record of branch activities and events stored in pdf documents which can easily reminisced over and stored. 
  2. Blogs etc disappear fairly rapidly whereas the quarterly newsletters provide an ongoing historical snapshot and record.
  3. Websites can and do disappear   
  4. Contributions and input direct to the editor would also make it much easier for the editor to put out interesting newsletters  - hint hint    

I also seem to recall Brian hinting that he would love to see  new person consider taking on the role of editor.  Brian please correct me f I'm wrong here.  I am certainly not trying to undermine your efforts in anyway at all.  

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Mr Stranger
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Yeah I like it...

Yeah I like it, helps kill time when needed...

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A contrary view

I appreciate the effort that Brian puts into producing Spare Tyre but I am of the view that with both this website and the Facebook page now available, that Spare Tyre has become largely redundant. I could be wrong but it seems to me that it has become considerably shorter over the past 5 years or so, no doubt prompting John's plea for people to submit articles to the editor. Unlike Greg I usually feel that I have previously read most of the ride reports in Spare Tyre. Personally I would not like to be devoting time to producing a periodical for which I was scratching around trying to find content each issue, or for which the membership had to be prompted to submit material.

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Mr Stranger
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Facebook ?

no Been there done that but the admin appears familiar..

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