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Using the Website to Share Stuff

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Using the Website to Share Stuff

This website exists to let members share information and to provide information to people interested in the Ulysses Club and or Melbourne Branch
Committee members do their best to inform people of upcoming events etc.
The website is also here to assist people in sharing information with others 
The Forums (Public and Members) are available to advise of events or news etc and is available for use by any registered member
Blogs are more appropriate to share a story (such as ride reports, that special trip you did, a product review etc.

If you feel like sharing a story in a blog and are not quite sure how to do it, please contact me for advice.
I will try and share some advice on how to create a post in advance in advance

  • Please do not try and simply paste in a word document which already has photos in it, that just won't work

  • First post the text of the story and save it.  You have the choice of making it public or members only 
  • In the header bar there is a specific icon to allow you to paste text from word into your blog or forum notice
  • Then edit and add a few photos (if you have a lot of photos please create a gallery or album under pictures) 
  • The source photos should not be more than about 25o kb.  We certainly don't want multi MB high resolution photos for a web article.  As an example most photos I take with my camera or phone range between 3 - 5 MB.  I keep them, but I resize down to about 250 kb before posting on here.   Hint  a "large" attachment  in an email (as opposed to original size) is about 250kb and I find that good for posting on this website and other social media platforms.enlightened   
  • There is an IMCE logo in the header bar when doing a post which allows you to insert a photo in the exact location you want.   
  • Once uploaded, I recommend you resize any photo to about "720" wide before inserting it 
  • Once you've saved, it is easy to edit and adjust things that aren't quite as you wanted 
  • Good luck    

If you go to "blogs" you will see what can be done,  Many of the blogs are by me, but other members have contributed too and content is really only limited by the willingness of members to share stuff. 
If you have any queries don't hesitate to contact me
I think it is a great communication platform for us (thanks Kate) despite the odd foible so please make the most of it.