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Website Editor Report August 2018

Submitted by John_Cook on Fri, 10/08/2018 - 7:46pm

The new website has now been working for 4 months and is proving to be very stable

Well done Kate and thank you yes

I believe the main purpose of the website is to provide information to both members and potential members plus provide an avenue for members to communicate with each and share things.

The branch is managing to do this without any cost to members thanks to the financial support of our sponsors  - advertisers.  Thank you and please consider them when you are after things bike related or looking to get your bike serviced. 

Most things are fairly obvious and as editor I try to keep the front page both relevant and current. 

Clicking in Latest Content will do the obvious things except bring up recent picture albums

So it pays to go to "Pictures"  from time to time to check for recent content enlightened

Most hiccups with the site have been in "Pictures" where people such as me have tried to load too many pictures in one gallery or pictures that have not been reduced in size. blush

A perusal of "Pictures" will show an array of things members have been up to recently

You (as a registered user) can share your experiences with both other members and the public.  You can even post a link to YouTube content if you think it is appropriate

I will try an example here of  ride I did in Holland some years ago (and repeated last month) - some quirky things include riding on the right and you my notice water in the canal beside the road is higher than the polders (fields) to the right.  Sorry about the sound it is only wind noise 

***edit for teaching **** The blue button in the input bar up where the B and paste button etc are will post the video in the post wherever the cursor is. and I have just seen how bad the enter is so i'll fix that shortly. You just click on the blue button and paste your url in the video url space and click insert and you will get this ->

As a rough guide do a "blog" if you want to share an experience or story and do a public notice or for sale notice where appropriate enlightened

Enjoy the website and please let me know of any issues you have with it        

Due to my ignorance blushcrying and a minor glitch with the new website surprise (which has now been fixed) I was having some problems processing branch website registrations for members.  Kate has set me straight cool and fixed the minor glitch yes so hopefully all will be smooth sailing from now on smiley  My apologies to the two members registered most recently blush 

Finally if you have any issues with the website please let me know and

remember reduce picture size before attempting to post them winkenlightened   

gaswen wrote:

how can i copy pic from  gallery


I'll have to get back to you on that  Not sure if it is possible or not blush  If not contact, the person who posted the pic 

It is possible to get the pic but difficult from the actual gallery. I'll put up a page shortly where you get the pics that the poster has okayed to use. 

Give me a couple days....

Ewwww the cursor goes straight up tp the top - I'll fix that as well.......