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Website News – Issue. Please Read

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Website News – Issue. Please Read

 Put simply, our Ulysses Club Melbourne Branch website (as we now know it) is coming to an end, so the branch needs to consider how we are going to communicate with members and prospective members in the future.  The issue was discussed at the November committee meeting and the upshot is that the committee would prefer to continue with a stand-alone website independent of social media platforms such as Facebook, where we already have a presence.

  • Our current website, which runs on a Drupal platform, is now in its 14th year after Kate set it up voluntarily in 2010 and has been maintaining it ever since.   Kate has advised that she is simply no longer able to provide any continuing support or maintenance
  • I am very appreciative of all that Kate has done over all these years. I believe the website has been very informative for both members and prospective members, while remaining very stable and secure.
  • Drupal has many advantages over other website platforms, but its maintenance is way beyond my skill level.
  • As editor, I do not want to continue displaying a website which may become obsolete or display outdated information.
  • Therefore, we need to find a new “webmaster” capable of taking on the website or designing a whole new website and we really don’t generate the funds to have that done in a paid professional manner.   
  • Failing that, we need to find a new way to communicate with members and prospective members.        

Please give that matter some thought and if you have the capacity / skill to help, or know someone who does, please contact a committee member.
The branch AGM is coming up in February and this is an issue we’d really love to have resolved before the meeting. 

John Cook #5058
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